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Enterprise Mobility- Complete Office Solutions

Do you dream of running your company from your mobile phone ? Because that's kind of our job description.

Manage Sales

Our Sales Management Software has state of the art algorithms that not only help you in managing leads and sales executives, but also give you an insight into what could make you better.


Application Development

The true spirit of enterprise mobility. Apps that ensure every aspect of the company is available on your mobile screen.


Office Management Solutions

Our carefully designed office solutions are the exactly what you need to figure out areas where you can minimise cost and maximise efficiency.


Advertising and Branding

Our Digital and Door to Door Advertising Solutions and Campaign Designing not only manifests leads from nowhere but are specialist in letting you target areas you never did .

Features of Our LMS


Test generators

Anytime anywhere Test Generators with a powerful algorithm that help teachers to create and manage tests online.



Digital e-Book that go beyond the conventional books and teach a student how to speak what he reads.


Multimedia Content

Multimedia Content that makes learning fun. Use it to help understand concepts better which strengthens the grasping process.


Live Website

You can access the LMS on our live website on a premium domain that shows our ambition. It is ever available to all who have subscribed to it.


Tablet Application

The LMS is also available on a tablet/mobile application. Enterprise Mobility is an important step towards the future and we recognise that.


Offline Availibility

The content is also available offline to the subscribers. You can now take a memory card and use it in your tablet application.


Need more information? Check out what other people are saying about our services!
Their work on our website has made a tremendous difference to our business. The promotional videos and marketing brochures created by them have been customer engaging, resulting in great business results. Also, DreamBox Inc is highly recommended for creating high-quality Ebooks and LMS that has increased our brand value.
We had the opportunity to work with DreamBox Inc and are highly impressed with the quality of eBooks produced by them. Also, they have a team of skilled website designers who created and designed an impressive website that has done wonders for our business.

Thanks to DreamBox Inc, our conversion rate increased drastically after they designed our art website. The pages created and designed by them were so appealing that we automatically got more footfall, resulting in more promotion and sales. Also, through their engaging content, users keep getting back to the website. Our business is booming.

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