Website Designing: The Art

WordPress is used for website design. It enables a user to create and publish webpages. WordPress only requires a hosting service and a domain. It also consists of a web template system using a template processor.

It is Free

WordPress is a free-to-use software and can be accessed free of cost, helping you create webpages. With the help of WordPress, you can create any kind of website and all you need is a domain name.


Easily customized

People who use WordPress, mostly have less or no knowledge about designing websites. However, even for non-tech savvy users, WordPress is the perfect software as they can customize their design by choosing from thousands of website templates. These themes are easily customizable.


SEO friendly

Google and other search engines love WordPress as it is written using standard compliance high-quality code. Due to this, written using standard compliance high-quality code sites usually rank higher in search engines.

Why is website designing important?

Good web design will not only create consistency across your website but also encourage and persuade users to visit your website. The web design of your site can directly impact your business and help in increasing the rate that people buy your products.

Why Choose DreamBox Inc?


We ensure that your website runs faster, by using beaver-builder. With this, the total plugins needed to develop a site are cute down, and hence, fewer plugins mean faster loading of the web pages.

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Low Cost

Our services are result-oriented, goal-driven, and effective. However, hiring us will be very pocket-friendly for you as we develop low-cost sites. With this, you can have more ROI with less investment.

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Skilled Team

We have a team of creative and skilled professionals who work hard to develop a website for you which will help you drive more traffic and attract more users.

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DreamBox Inc is one of the best agencies for WordPress development and our clients trust us to the core. Hence, we are a reliable agency that aims at developing the best website for your business.

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24/7 support through cross-communication channels

Our team is available for 24/7 support through various cross-communication channels.

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WordPress Features:
Result-driven WordPress Development Services by DreamBox Inc


Free and open-source

WordPress is free software, which means you can download and install it for free and create a website as per your need.



WordPress is incredibly mobile-friendly and can be easily accessed through smartphones.


Easily Updated

With simple and easy access, the user can keep updating WordPress anywhere, anytime.


User Friendly

Even if you have no idea about coding, HTML, and tech, you can still create your website using WordPress.



One of the top features of WordPress is that it is readily adapted to suit specific needs and can be customized.


Top Security

Thanks to thousands and lakhs of developers, WordPress is highly secure software.

Why DreamBox Inc is the best for WordPress Development Services?



Google Adwords has enabled brands to advertise through digital mediums, getting a revolution in the branding process. With the help of Google Adwords, brands can directly advertise to the audience while they are researching their product category in the search engine. Before technology hit us, brands used to use methods such as giving ads in newspapers, billboards, radio, etc, because of which B2B products suffered a lot. With Google Ads, one can create brand awareness faster.


Saving Time

Google Adwords get quicker results than search engine optimization. With the help of Google Adwords, businesses get maximum online visibility as compared to any other medium which results in improved sales. With cut-throat competition in the market, it is very important for businesses to get faster results, and Google Ads help in getting the best and fast quick results. If Google Adwords are optimized correctly, they can get great ROI.


Cost Control

By using the manual bid strategy by Google Adwords, we can control how we want to invest our money. For example, if Google's AI is suggesting us to invest $ 500 in the Ad, we can manually control it and invest only $ 300 as per our needs. You can decide how much you want to spend per day or per ad.



With the help of Google Adwords, you can target the specific audience you want to convert into your clients. This makes it easier for the business to connect with the right audience, at the right time. With targetting, you can make sure that you only reach out to those users who need your product/service, and hence, only they will see the relevant Ads for which your company is paying.


WordPress is a blogging tool.
WordPress is free software and helps you create any kind of website you want.
It has been built for everyone, keeping in mind performance, security, and accessibility.
It is the process of creating a website without coding.

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