School Books: Because education is the key to success.

DreamBox Inc is one of the top book publishers in India and across the globe. We aim at providing a wide range of both schools as well as side books for students that will help them grow in every way.


We understand the learning process of students and hence publish different books by different authors so that students have a range of books to learn from. This gives them a better understanding of the topics.


Innovative learning

Our books our relevant to the grades. Their only aim is to provide all the necessary topics and chapters that they should be learning in a particular class. Our schoolbooks do not have complex lessons that put students under pressure.


High-quality content

We choose the best of authors from across the globe to provide high-quality content for our school books as our aim is to provide the best of education to children.

Why DreamBox Inc?

In order to learn better, one cannot depend on a single book to clear all your doubts. Students need a variety of books as per the difficulty level in order to understand the crucks of the topic or chapter. DreamBox Inc publishes a wide range of books so that students have an ocean of knowledge to learn from.

What makes us stand out from the rest:

Extensive research

Our skilled team of educational experts from across the globe conducts deep research and development so that there is no compromise in the quality of content in our schoolbooks.

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Top Authors

We have the best authors from across the globe who are very experienced and skilled. These authors and teachers help in creating the best content for school books.

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Worldwide reach

Our Publishing house is not just limited to India. We provide books for our global clients such as Reddot Vestel Nigeria.

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As the education sector is changing, so are we. Our future vision is to use all the possible tools and innovative ways to provide education to all students.

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Learning with growth

We not only focus on providing top-quality education to students but make books that will help students in an over-all growth. Education is the key to success and no one understands this better than us.

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Phone No.- +91-9311610043

Features of our school books:


Organized Units of work

Our books contain a pattern of organized units of work so that students can get all the lessons and topics they need to cover in detail.


Easy teaching

We make sure that our books consist of a chronological presentation of information so that there is no confusion for students or teachers.


Chronological presentation of information

Spreading knowledge and education is always the best choice! E-books have sharable content that you can share with multiple users.


Detailed teaching steps

Our books have a sequence and pattern of teaching procedures that will help students in understanding what has to be learned and when.


A complete package

Our books come with a complete program for teachers and inform them about the latest teaching practices.


Interactive Components

E-books have several interactive elements that make reading a great experience for learners!



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Activity books and other books such as General Knowledge or Art Books are known as side books.
With the help of side books, children can enhance several skills such as general knowledge, grammar, and art.
Yes, education is very important for everyone and is every child's right.
Yes, the education sector is merging with technology and changing drastically.
Books that contain informative and educative content are high-quality school books.

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