Question Paper Generator: Designing online question papers was never so easy!

An Electronic Book (E-book) is the digital version of a printed book. This means that it is a blend of education and technology, aiming at providing better education to learners.

The best of technology

An efficient QPG is the best solution for creating question papers within minutes. Gone are the days when teachers took hours to conduct a question paper for students. The lengthy process of conducting exams is no more a headache for teachers, all thanks to QPG.


Question Bank

Teachers can create an online test by using our question paper generator by selecting questions from our question bank. They pick questions from eBooks and design an online question paper as per the topic selected by the teacher.


Quick Results

A question paper generator does all the work of a teacher and does it quickly. Now a teacher does not have to spend hours preparing a test paper when QPG will do it in minutes.

What is QPG?

One of the most important eLearning tools is QPG (question paper generator). This system helps in developing a user-defined online test paper to conduct an examination.

Advantages of Question Paper Generator

Time Saving

It saves a lot of time that a teacher would otherwise spend on choosing different questions from different books. A QPG will quickly take questions and manage them according to your selected topics. This saves both time and energy.

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Unbiased Results

QPG is a software and hence unlike humans do, it cannot give unbiased results. A QPG will always conduct fair test papers and present an unbiased result.

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No Paper Leak

Thanks to technology, there is no scope of the test paper getting leaked when its made via QPG. Hence, teachers don't have to worry about the test paper getting leaked.

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Reduced Human Effort

A QPG performs all the tasks of a teacher and that too with utmost efficiency and hence reduces human effort.

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Instant Grading

You don't have to wait for too long to get the feedback. Through QPG, you can retrieve each student's performance as soon as they submit the test.

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Question Bank: The best of self-evaluation!


Test Yourself

The best use of question bank is for the self-evaluation of learners. They do not have to wait for a test or examination and can self-test themselves by using different questions from the question bank.


Generate Online Tests

While creating or designing an online test, teachers can select different questions related to the particular topic from the question bank that will be automatically added to the question paper.


Better learning

It is always good to know where you stand so you can find a better learning approach for better results. With the help of a question bank, you can learn better by attempting different questions and improve your learning skills.


Practice makes a man perfect

Several subjects and courses require regular practicing. Question Banks make it easier for you to practice what you have learned as many times as you want.


No need for Duplication

You can select the questions related to your subject or topic and reuse them as many times as you want, all throughout your course. You don't have to worry about having them duplicated and can use the same question bank in a pretest or a final assessment test.



Question banks make the task of collecting, storing, using, and reusing questions for a better learning approach.

Importance of Question Paper Generator



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A QPG is a software that helps in designing an online test paper that is created by teachers.
A question bank is an LMS tool where questions in different forms such as MCQs are stored for students to self-evaluate themselves.
A QPG reduces human effort and creates quick online question papers.
The key advantage of a QPG is that it is time-saving.
With the growing technology, it has become very important for students to understand the importance of merging education and technology.

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