Mobile App Designing: The Art



Mobile Angular is a mobile UI framework that uses Angular framework in combination with Twitter Bootstrap which makes the mobile app development process easier. Several UI components are provided by Angular— scrollable areas, navbars, switches, overlays, etc to create an attractive user interface.



Ionic is one of the most commonly used cross-platform frameworks that has been build with Angular and Apache Cordova. It develops apps for mainly android, windows, and iOS.


Types of Mobile Apps

There are mainly three types of mobile apps that are created by developers—hybrid apps, HTML5 apps, and nat8ive apps.

Impact of Mobile App Development on businesses

It is Free With the growing technology, smartphones are not just used as a communication device but are widely used for several business purposes as well. With easy access to high-speed internet, one can change the world with a mobile phone. Mobile applications have had a great impact on businesses and have changed the way we do business.

5 Must-Have Features for Mobile App Development

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Search feature

Provide your users with a handy search bar so that they can find their desire content easily and quickly. There is no point in designing a great mobile app when a user is unable to search for products.

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Responsive Mobile App Design for different Screen Sizes

While developing an app, the developer has to keep in mind the range of screen sizes between the small ‘compact’ and ‘mini’ phones and bigger tablets.

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Allowing user feedback

If you want honest feedback about your app, in order to improve its working performance, then you need to give users the ability to provide instant feedback, including calls or texts to tech support teams.

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Easy screen touching options

Gone are the keyboarding days! Design the app in such a way that it has minimal use of keyboard and maximum touch screen experience.

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Offline working ability

Try to provide an app that can be accessed without an Internet connection as well.

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Better access

Business accessibility is automatically improved with mobile apps. It enables businesses to send notifications about their new products or services or inform users about any new changes.


Value for clients

Through mobile apps, you can digitalize any loyalty program that you have offered your clients. Through this, customers can receive their rewards via the mobile app, resulting in more downloads and return customers.


Strong customer engagement

One of the top advantages of mobile apps to businesses is that it helps in building a direct marketing channel between businesses and their customers, resulting in effective and interactive communication. You can send in-app notifications to several customers about relevant information, making them loyal to your company.


Increased brand awareness

Mobile apps make it easier for you to increase your brand awareness. It is in your own hands to make your app informative, entertaining, stylish, or cool. However, you should always focus on creating an app that will be loved by one and all.


One-step ahead of the competition

There are still several businesses that do not use mobile apps and hence, By offering mobile app service in your business you can be one step ahead of your competition in the market.


Transformation of retail experience

By enabling retailers to remain ahead of customer expectation through the delivery of unique customer experience, the Mobile application helps in transforming the retail experience.

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Google Adwords has enabled brands to advertise through digital mediums, getting a revolution in the branding process. With the help of Google Adwords, brands can directly advertise to the audience while they are researching their product category in the search engine. Before technology hit us, brands used to use methods such as giving ads in newspapers, billboards, radio, etc, because of which B2B products suffered a lot. With Google Ads, one can create brand awareness faster.


Saving Time

Google Adwords get quicker results than search engine optimization. With the help of Google Adwords, businesses get maximum online visibility as compared to any other medium which results in improved sales. With cut-throat competition in the market, it is very important for businesses to get faster results, and Google Ads help in getting the best and fast quick results. If Google Adwords are optimized correctly, they can get great ROI.


Cost Control

By using the manual bid strategy by Google Adwords, we can control how we want to invest our money. For example, if Google's AI is suggesting us to invest $ 500 in the Ad, we can manually control it and invest only $ 300 as per our needs. You can decide how much you want to spend per day or per ad.



With the help of Google Adwords, you can target the specific audience you want to convert into your clients. This makes it easier for the business to connect with the right audience, at the right time. With targetting, you can make sure that you only reach out to those users who need your product/service, and hence, only they will see the relevant Ads for which your company is paying.


It is the process of developing software applications that can easily run on mobile phones.
These days, with 80 percent of people using their phones for all kinds of purposes, Mobile App Development has become very important for business growth.
The target of mobile app development is to boost business growth and revenue.
The 4 steps of app development are—pre-design, design, development, and support.
With the growing technology, mobile apps are extremely useful!

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