Mnemonic Cards: The best memorizing technique!

Mnemonic Cards by DreamBox Inc help students learn about different topics that are otherwise difficult to memorize. These photographic, double-sided cards help students memorize better.

Learning a list of words

One of the best uses of Mnemonic Cards is that it is one of the best methods for learning a list of words. The words that need to be memorized are linked together in different sentences.


Helps in memorizing

Mnemonic Cards help you memorize different topics such as the Indian states or the number of days in a week through pictorial representation.


Enhances Imagination

The use of visual imagery in Mnemonic Cards enhances the student's imagination skills. They can picturise the images in their head and understand the topic more simply.

How are Mnemonic Cards important for education?

Mnemonic Cards helps learners to memorize content by using visual imagery. If you find a topic that is very tough to learn, then Mnemonic Cards makes it easy for you to memorize the content and later write it in your way.

Our aim:

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Provide best educational tools

DreamBox Inc aims at providing high-quality education to students and learners from across the globe with our innovative educational tools such as Mnemonic Cards that help them with their educational growth.

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Quality Education

The main objective of our educational tool is to provide a quality education that will help students with their overall growth in life. Quality education is the key to a successful career and life.

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Innovative and creative Learning

We use the best of technology and innovative tools for a better learning experience. We believe that the combination of education and technology is very imperative for a good learning experience.

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Personalized Learning

We aim at providing a personalized learning experience through our eLearning tools by blending education with technology. Our specialized e-learning tools are driven by technology.

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Learn on the Go

Knowledge can be consumed in every way possible and our eLearning tools such as Mnemonic Cards will allow you to learn on the go!

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Advantages of Mnemonic Cards for learning:
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Improved Revision

You can revise your topics and chapters one by one by using Mnemonic Cards. This makes revision a simpler process.


A blend of play and learning

With several creative and attractive images, Mnemonic Cards is a perfect blend of play and learning.


Encourages learning

They are designed to encourage learning. The purpose is making Mnemonic Cards is to make students interested in learning engagingly.


Learn new languages

Parents can also use different types of Mnemonic Cards to introduce a new language to their children.


Easy learning

The main purpose of using Mnemonic Cards is to make students understand the basics of a chapter or topic easily.



Mnemonic Cards are not very expensive. This makes them budget-friendly and at the same time, can be carried anywhere.

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Mnemonic Cards are used for making children or learners memorize about a particular topic or lesson.
Yes, it is a very effective approach used for making children understand difficult topics.
Better revision and quick learning of different topics.
Yes, adults can also use mnemonic cards for memorizing tough topics.
They help you remember the basic points so that you can elaborate on your own.

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