Learning Management System:Driving Education with Excellence!

LMS is a software application used for eLearning practices. It is an online learning platform that comprises a range of subjects, courses, eBooks, Audio Books, and question banks.


Learning because you use it to deliver educational courses.



Management because it helps you organize these courses.



System because LMS is a computer system.

Why limit education to closed classrooms?

DreamBox Inc creates a high-quality Learning Management System that offers various tools such as eBooks, Audio Books, Video Books, and other eLearning elements. We create Learning Management Systems with unlimited access to eLearning materials.
Learning Management System (LMS) was first introduced in the 90s and is now widely used in the education sector by students and teachers across the globe.
With high-speed Internet and evolving technology, learning is no more limited to classrooms and textbooks. Its the era of technology, the era of LMS. Through LMS, students can learn from a variety of tools such as EBooks, Audio Books, Video Books, and other eLearning tools.

The LMS tools we create:

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Audio and Video Books

We create and develop audio and video books for all the subjects, topics, and courses, according to your needs. This not only makes it easier for students to learn but also makes difficult subjects like Maths and Science interesting and fun to learn.

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Video Lectures

In post-COVID times, it is very important for students to understand the importance of online learning. We provide video lectures in the LMS we create where students can have access to video lectures, anytime, anywhere.

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Student Evaluation

Through this tool that we create, teachers can easily track and evaluate a student's performance. Through the LMS we create, you can evaluate a student even before or while taking the course. Students can be evaluated by scheduling assignments.

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Email id- enquiry@dreambox.cloud
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Build Courses

We build and create different subject courses according to your needs. From Maths, Science, Social Studies, English, History, etc, we build courses as per your requirements.

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Question Paper Generator

Through QPG, teachers can create test and question papers for students and conduct online tests.

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Phone No.- +91-9311610043

Advantages of Learning Management System:


Improved Revision

You can revise your topics and chapters one by one by using Mnemonic Cards. This makes revision a simpler process.


A blend of play and learning

With several creative and attractive images, Mnemonic Cards is a perfect blend of play and learning.


Encourages learning

They are designed to encourage learning. The purpose is making Mnemonic Cards is to make students interested in learning engagingly.


Learn new languages

Parents can also use different types of Mnemonic Cards to introduce a new language to their children.


Easy learning

The main purpose of using Mnemonic Cards is to make students understand the basics of a chapter or topic easily.



Mnemonic Cards are not very expensive. This makes them budget-friendly and at the same time, can be carried anywhere.

Importance of Learning Management System



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Smart Learner India is a web-application created to provide high-quality eLearning tools to learners from across the globe.
Smart Learner India has different tools such as Audio Books, Ebooks, Question Paper Generator, among several others.
Yes, Smart Learner India is a very effective web application for providing high-quality education.
The purpose of SLI is to provide top online education to learners.
Yes, Smart Learner India can be used by teachers for video lectures.

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