Why choose influencer marketing?

With easy access to the Internet and growing technology, 80 percent of the users watch videos and photos shared by social media influencers such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram influencers. Hence, by choosing influencer marketing, you can promote your product/service by reaching a wider audience, increasing your brand value.

Use a single strategy

Our team of experienced experts uses a fixed strategy to get the best results for your company/products. Our experts promote brand influencers in a positive context through social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.



Through Social Media Marketing, you can directly interact with your customers. With users being able to be in direct contact with the service provider, trust is built automatically.


Lead Generation

More leads are generated automatically as the online visibility of your services is increased. The larger the user base, the better leads, resulting in more conversion.

What is the need for social media marketing?

SMM (Social Media Marketing) enables a business/company to interact with its target audience in the simplest way. These days, the world is on social media and if your business does not have a social media presence, people assume that it does not exist.

Quora Marketing Services by DreamBox Inc:

From our advanced SEO techniques to our proves track record, we offer the best Quora Marketing services globally.

Research and Planning

We analyse the current market performance of your brand, do detailed research about your competitors, and set up KPI dashboards in order to leverage influencers programs which result in increasing sales as well as leads.

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Content Creation

In inbound marketing, content is king. We create engaging and informative content which not only maintains relationships with existing clients but also attracts potential customers to your website.

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Influencers Biding

In order to enhance the reputation and visibility of your brand, we offer an effective strategy and communicate your desired message to the audience which will then increase brand value.

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Network Research

We help you form real interaction with the audience to ensure that marketers reach to your company as a strategic match for them.

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Audience Research

For successful marketing, one must know about their target audience and we at DreamBox Inc provide detailed information about the target audience and their dynamics.

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Our specialized services:
Result-driven Google Ads Campaign Management Strategies by DreamBox Inc


Business Research

We conduct detailed research from all the business sectors and use the details for optimizing company sales and profit. This helps in informed decision making.


Identifying relevant influencers

We conduct detailed research on social media influencers and then contact them once we have shortlisted the relevant ones.



Once we have shortlisted influencers that fit with our brand, we negotiate with them by finding out the market price.


Getting Approval

Our marketing team will double-check the request of all influencers and approve it after your feedback.


Content creation

We create engaging and attractive content that will be communicated to your target audience by the influencer.


Analysing Strategies

We study the marketing success of influencers and create a successful influencer strategy from the results.

Why DreamBox Inc is the best for Google Ads Campaign Management?



Google Adwords has enabled brands to advertise through digital mediums, getting a revolution in the branding process. With the help of Google Adwords, brands can directly advertise to the audience while they are researching their product category in the search engine. Before technology hit us, brands used to use methods such as giving ads in newspapers, billboards, radio, etc, because of which B2B products suffered a lot. With Google Ads, one can create brand awareness faster.


Saving Time

Google Adwords get quicker results than search engine optimization. With the help of Google Adwords, businesses get maximum online visibility as compared to any other medium which results in improved sales. With cut-throat competition in the market, it is very important for businesses to get faster results, and Google Ads help in getting the best and fast quick results. If Google Adwords are optimized correctly, they can get great ROI.


Cost Control

By using the manual bid strategy by Google Adwords, we can control how we want to invest our money. For example, if Google's AI is suggesting us to invest $ 500 in the Ad, we can manually control it and invest only $ 300 as per our needs. You can decide how much you want to spend per day or per ad.



With the help of Google Adwords, you can target the specific audience you want to convert into your clients. This makes it easier for the business to connect with the right audience, at the right time. With targetting, you can make sure that you only reach out to those users who need your product/service, and hence, only they will see the relevant Ads for which your company is paying.


SMM is the process of promoting services or brands through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.
There are two types of social media marketing-Strategic social media marketing and Operational social media marketing.
Yes, with the growing technology and easy access to the Internet, SMM is a highly effective marketing tool.
No, social media marketing is very budget-friendly.
Understand your audience and do not lie about your services.

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