What is Facebook PPC Advertising?

In order to up their game on social media, companies use Facebook advertising or Facebook PPC advertising. In this process, social media giant Facebook enables a company to create its own PPC Ads within Facebook Ads Manager. These Ads can be in any form-a photo, video, or a carousel ad that appears on Facebook at several different spots, such as the newsfeed and homepage.
In this process, businesses from across the globe adopt the social media platform to increase their conversion rate and boost their ROI.


Through Facebook Advertising, you can create brand awareness by reaching out to new customers and introducing your services to them. It also helps in improving your connection with the existing customers.Through LinkedIn Advertising, you can leave a great impression on your new customers about your brand.



Facebook Advertising enables you to increase engagement on your posts, video views, and website visits. The more engagement you get, the more connections you build. It enables you to make your potential customers your existing ones. It increases your reach—your ad can be seen by as many people as possible.



LinkedIn Advertising can be used for lead generation, website conversions, and job applicants. You just have to optimize the right content for the right conversion evet.

What makes Facebook advertising so important for companies?

With almost every individual using social media platform Facebook, it has become easier for companies to reach out to their target audience through Facebook. It is the best marketing tool for a small firm or a start-up as Facebook advertising is the most inexpensive form of advertising, so it is both effective as well as pocket-friendly.

Why choose DreamBox Inc. for Facebook PPC Ad Service:

We not only help in keyword research for the products of a particular website but also take the audit for the present SEO of your website. We help you build the best strategy for your website in order for you to witness the rapid growth in ROI.

Higher website traffic

DreamBox Inc. helps your website get more traffic through our best Facebook advertising practices with the help of our experts. With our site-click campaign, we target your user-base and direct them to your website in a budget-friendly way.

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Boost ROI

Our unique strategies for Facebook advertising will get you a higher conversion rate, which results in maximum profit. We use the most relevant keywords which will help your business get more leads, resulting in better ROI.

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Expanded Customer Attribution

With our practices, we will increase the rate of your customer attribution, by which users can use your brand regularly, resulting in the overall growth of the business.

Dreambox Inc India
Email id- enquiry@dreambox.cloud
Phone No.- +91-9311610043

Boost SEO Ranking

We research, analyze, and use keywords that improve your search engine rankings.

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Setting the Budget

Set your budget for Facebook PPC advertising by campaign budget optimization.

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Phone No.- +91-9311610043

Our Specialized Services
Result-driven Google Ads Campaign Management Strategies by DreamBox Inc


Market Research and Analysis

We do detailed market research and analyze your competitor to make an appropriate strategy for your campaign. To get a better understanding of your competitor, you will need to make a Facebook Ad swipe file.


Create Engaging Content for Campaigns

Since the landscape is evolving regularly, we help you create real-time and accurate content to promote your product, as well as enhance the platform. By sharing relevant posts, replying to comments, etc, we help you build a social community.


Tracking Facebook PPC Campaign

We regularly monitor and track the performance of your Ads. With this, you can check actions by impression time, responder demographics, and online interactions.


Campaign Optimization

One has to optimize their campaign to get higher ROI and cheaper advertising costs. By using Facebook's Ads Manager, you can have complete access to your Ad campaign, making it easier to manage.


Performance Report

Our team will regularly give you the performance report of your ad campaigns so that you know how the campaign is performing.


Customer Relations

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and hence we provide the most strategic and planned Facebook PPC Process.

Why DreamBox Inc is the best for Google Ads Campaign Management?



Google Adwords has enabled brands to advertise through digital mediums, getting a revolution in the branding process. With the help of Google Adwords, brands can directly advertise to the audience while they are researching their product category in the search engine. Before technology hit us, brands used to use methods such as giving ads in newspapers, billboards, radio, etc, because of which B2B products suffered a lot. With Google Ads, one can create brand awareness faster.


Saving Time

Google Adwords get quicker results than search engine optimization. With the help of Google Adwords, businesses get maximum online visibility as compared to any other medium which results in improved sales. With cut-throat competition in the market, it is very important for businesses to get faster results, and Google Ads help in getting the best and fast quick results. If Google Adwords are optimized correctly, they can get great ROI.


Cost Control

By using the manual bid strategy by Google Adwords, we can control how we want to invest our money. For example, if Google's AI is suggesting us to invest $ 500 in the Ad, we can manually control it and invest only $ 300 as per our needs. You can decide how much you want to spend per day or per ad.



With the help of Google Adwords, you can target the specific audience you want to convert into your clients. This makes it easier for the business to connect with the right audience, at the right time. With targetting, you can make sure that you only reach out to those users who need your product/service, and hence, only they will see the relevant Ads for which your company is paying.


By using Facebook Ads, you can reach out to a large mobile audience. According to reports, 80 percent of users use their smartphones to search for products, and with the help of Facebook Ads, you can target a large audience resulting in better conversion. It also improves brand awareness.
Yes, Facebook Advertising is very effective and you can see the results very fast. It helps you understand your target audience, making it better to turn potential customers into existing customers.
Facebook Advertising is the process of targeting a large audience on social media. These users share similar characteristics and your Ad is placed on these users' News Feed or on the columns.
No, Facebook ads are not expensive and are very cost-effective
Facebook Advertisement is placing paid ads to the news feed of a targeted group of users to get better conversion rates.

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