Thinking of developing a mobile application for agricultural sector?

Looking at one of the biggest industries in the world, it is obvious to feel the need to have some ease in the agriculture industry. There already exist some mobile applications that help farmers with financial services, increased efficiency, feasible access to input markets, and output markets. Why not all the agricultural industries across the globe have these provisions? Why not you have one built for your agribusiness?

According to Statista, there will be rapid growth in the market value of smart agriculture solutions by 2025, different IoT devices, drones, and software for them are projected to be worth over $15 million. Being undoubtedly one the largest agroindustry, Indian agro-businessmen should switch to technological aid like mobile app development services to multiply their growth in the market as it will cut on a lot of time that the farmers, distributors, buyers, and sellers spend commuting from one place to another, for instance, just to make a payment; or place an order or buy seeds, raw material, etc.

Some of the mobile apps developed in India by the government:

  • Iffco Kisan App
  • Agri Media Video App
  • Kisan Yojana
  • Agri App

Let’s talk about mobile app development services here. Availing such a service provides you with features like:

  • GPS Tracking: For transportation and to keep a check on the labor remotely.
  • Weather Forecasting: Climate can be very unpredictable as we all know, thus, it’s a total boon for a farmer and his/her efforts to beware of the bad weather in advance.
  • Track and maintain equipment fleets: Record of equipment in use, consumption of fuel, locations, schedules, and issues with real-time updates from the field.
  • Gain Information: Learn more about how to take care of a particular crop in the right manner.
  • Camera and Machine Vision: To maintain visual data and AI that makes it possible for farmers to successfully perceive plant illnesses at the starting stage recognize weeds, check nitrogen levels, and assess leaf harm.
  • Easy Payments: Every app development company insists on having a banking feature in the same app since it’s a prime concern of everyone in the business.
  • Pop-up Notifications: Every day notification will keep the farmer updated on the progress of the crop yielding.
  • Utilizing Drones with Agricultural App Development: Drones are an amazing device that can be used in combination with agriculture app services to watch out the field from a proper height that will ensure that every corner is being suspected from time to time.
  • Sales and Marketing: Farmers, distributors, producers, and buyers will be able to sell and purchase the products with just a tap on their mobile screens making the whole process quicker and more efficient.
  • Profit and Loss: To check the count of total earnings, accounts can be maintained and calculated.

But, how to get your own Mobile App Development services? Is there any App Development Company in Delhi or around Delhi? YES! We are here, Dreambox Inc. has got the best services in the town. Tell us how you want your app to look like and what all features you need, we will serve you up to your expectations.

by Arshiya_Bhalla , Nov. 10, 2020, 9:43 a.m.

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