DOVA- Dreambox Office Virtual Assistant

Looking for a machine to handle all your day-to-day office tasks virtually? Want to make sure that all your employees are working up to your expectations and are bringing the right amount of output in the available time frame? DOVA reduces your workforce at work as it takes charge of the following:

  • Manages all your data virtually.
  • Records all your sales visits, projections, and statistics.
  • Keeps all the transactions and returns transparent.
  • Analyses who’s doing better and what’s doing the best in your company.
  • Keeps an eye on the attendance and performance of all the employees.
  • Foolproof accounting and finance data.
  • Studies the working pattern of every user.
  • Machine learning suggests you improvisations on how to keep your work optimized.
  • Ensures effective communications among all your employees.

DOVA comes with ‘Enterprise Mobility’, a unique watchdog system to have an eye on your employees; you can assist all your employees and run your firm on your mobile phone. Moreover, there are ‘Machine Learning’ based suggestions for you to make your management style more effective. Thus, DOVA gives you:

  1. 3x Experience three times better payments and collections.
  2. 4x Predict your employees’ ability and boost sales.
  3. 3.2x Improve your employee productivity every week.
  4. 2.3x Increase the probability of your sales forces meeting annual targets.
  5. 12 lac, save up to three employees’ salary every month in backend operations.
  6. 2.3x Reduce your Human Resource cost up to two times.


You must be wondering now what’s more beneficial in this apart from what you know till now. Well! This saves up on a lot of your money that goes out as salary to some of your employees. Basically DOVA replaces some of your employees or decreases their workload. Especially, during this time of Covid-19 pandemic, work from home has become the new normal. DOVA is the best choice to manage your team from home or anyway remotely on the go!

So, there are 3 versions of DOVA:

  1. DOVA Lite
  2. DOVA Pro
  3. DOVA Custom

DOVA Lite makes you and your employees’ job easier with artificial intelligence performing the mentioned below features technically at an affordable rate. It provides you the services of two employees at almost the cost of salary of only one employee. If you can get more productivity with less input, then why not choose it? DOVA exactly gives it to you. Much in less time, more with less efforts. 

If you are aiming to manage a bigger team or looking for a smarter virtual platform to coordinate your team and with your team, we suggest you to opt-in for DOVA Pro. DOVA pro functions on machine learning resulting in time-to-time updates on who’s doing the best and what’s doing the best in your firm. It reckons every user’s performance and hence, provides the employer with some suggestions so that improvements can be followed up.

DOVA Custom as the name itself suggests it can be customized as per your requirements. You can have a combination of some of the services of DOVA Lite and DOVA Pro or some of either of them. Important to be mentioned, it is a per-user-based application and website.

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