Do Apple and Privacy go hand-in-hand? Don’t think so

Are you crazy about Apple products? Do you eagerly wait for Apple to launch its latest iPhone, Mac, or iPad? Well, it is time you ease your excitement. It might be the best, it still does not protect your privacy, just like the rest.

"We design Apple products to protect your privacy and give you control over your information as we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right," claims Tim Cook, CEO of the tech giant. Apple products are used by approximately one billion users from across the globe.


However, is it true? Or is it just Apple's empty grandstanding about privacy? Let us find out.


You will be surprised to know that in the latest version of macOS, the OS sends a unique identifier (hash) of all the programs you run, to Apple. Not many users realize it while running the program as it is silent and unseen. The trick is, it fails immediately when you go offline, and hence you fail to notice.


However, Jeffrey Paul, a Germany-based security researcher, and hacker in the latest article shared his experience and revealed how Apple always knows where you are and what apps have you opened or used there. This means that whatever app you run on your device while at home or work, Apple knows it all! They even know open a browser while searching for the near-by wine shops in another town.

Why is this alarming?


If this does not scare you, then you should also know that this privacy breach is not limited to Apple. Your information is being passed on to everyone who has tapped their cables, including your ISP as these OCSP requests are transmitted unencrypted.

These requests further get passed on to a third-party CDN that is managed by another company named Akamai.

This privacy breach can pose a threat to anyone as the data displays your habits, routine and daily activities. 

What Apple should learn:

Technology is there to help humans, not pose a threat to them or their privacy in any way. The reason why Apple has a loyal customer base is because users believe in them, their products and their claims. When they say “your data is safe,” users believe it. However, the phones should be excellent, but so should be the privacy. Money cannot buy anything just yet!

by Arshiya_Bhalla , Nov. 19, 2020, 6:18 a.m.

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