Audio Books.Because what’s better than listening to books on the go?

DreamBox Inc aims at creating the best e-learning tools that help in providing high-quality education and learning to students. Our different and effective educational tools will help you get the best of knowledge that will empower you.

Personalized Learning

We aim at providing a personalized learning experience through our eLearning tools by blending education with technology. Our specialized e-learning tools are driven by technology.


Innovative learning

With the growing technology, the process of learning is not just limited to physical books and hard copies. Audiobooks are the electronic versions of traditional books where the user can easily access them from there phone or desktop from any time, anywhere.


Learn on the Go

Knowledge can be consumed in every way possible and our eLearning tools such as Audio will allow you to learn on the go!

Why Audiobooks?

Multitasking. If you have too much on your plate and do not have the time to sit and read a book, then an audiobook will help you in multitasking as you can read the book by listening to it while performing any other task.

Advantages of Audio Books:

Improves Pronunciation Skills

One of the biggest advantages of Audio Books is that it drastically improves pronunciation skills. Audiobooks also help in enhancing speaking accuracy as you can observe how the narrator is pronouncing different words.

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You can listen to an audiobook while driving, walking, cooking, or even exercising. This way, you can save a lot of time and meanwhile also learn so much.

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Enhances Listening Skills

Audio Books build and enhance listening skills as critical listening comprises of analysis and judgment.

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Better learning

You can dodge all barriers that are coming between you and learning. Even if there is not enough light, you can easily learn about a particular topic by listening to audiobooks. Audio Books are the best alternative to the traditional reading method and are very helpful to students who are very tech-savvy these days.

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What is better than going for an evening walk and simultaneously listening to a book that you love? Or listening to the content of a book that you are reading for an educational purpose? Or if you do not have enough time to sit and read a book, you can easily listen to the audio through our audiobooks.

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Importance of Audio Books
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Better vocabulary

Your vocabulary will automatically improve after regularly listening to audiobooks. Also, audiobooks give you a lot of exposure as they enhance your reading skill development as well.


Improved Comprehension

The comprehension skills of learners will automatically improve when they hear the content or information by a human being in a story format.


Educational independence

Audiobooks give students educational independence as they can access them anytime, without having to depend on someone else to teach them. In increase educational outcomes.


Better Content Knowledge

When you listen, you learn, and when you've learned correctly, you automatically gain more content knowledge and can write better.


Increased reading accuracy

As per a survey, audiobooks increase a learner's reading accuracy by 52 percent.


Enhanced Performance

When students are engaged in multi-modal learning through audiobooks, it increases their grades by 21 percent.

Importance of Audio Books



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Electronic books are the digital version of traditional printed books and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
eBooks are easy to carry, have less weightage, and are very flexible and easy on the eyes.
Audio Books enable the learner to listen to the content rather than reading it. A voice-over command reads the content for you.
A learner can listen to an audiobook anytime and anywhere. While walking, cooking, or exercising.
Education is no more limited to physical books amid the growing technology and hence everyone is shifting to digital.

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